Joint Service on the Lawn

As the sun shone down over Ashford this morning the congregations of St Francis and Christ Church gathered on the church lawn for a communal service. The service followed the usual style that you would expect to see inside the church each Sunday morning. The service, which was followed by a fish finger barbeque on […]

Bad News for St Francis

We have unfortunately got a major leak on our water main after the meter and so it is our responsibility. We have had an order from South East Water to repair it within 15 working days or they will do it and bill us. Resstabjackpresam We beleive that we probably have a wider lea way […]

South Ashford Food Bank

Our parish has been very generous over the past years in donating food for the local food bank and it is very much appreciated by those that it helps in our community. The food bank has now moved home to The Former Methodist Church, Cudworth Road to accomodate its growth. It opens on Mondays, Wednesdays […]